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Snapper Lawn Mowers

Snapper Lawn Mowers

Mowers by Jacks is proud to sell Snapper lawn mowers as Snapper was the first to introduce the first walk behind self-propelled rotary mower in 1951. Snapper has cultivated a following for producing reliable, durable, well-made mowers.

A few of their most popular models include the Hi-Vac and Ninja Mulching mowers. So whether you prefer bagging or mulching your grass, Snapper has a mower that fits your every need.

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Snapper Walk Behind Mowers

The Snapper NXT is a self-propelled walk behind mower carried by Mowers at Jacks. Featuring a push button starting system and REACT variable speed control, the NXT Series walk behind lawn mowers are innovatively designed.

The Snapper NXT Series also brings extra power to the plate with their 190cc Briggs and Stratton 875 Professional Series engines.

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Snapper Rear Engine Riding Mowers

One of the most recognizable Snapper mowers is the rear engine riding mower. If you've seen Forrest Gump you know.

The Snapper Rear Engine Rider is a classic because of its design. With great visibility for a riding mower, agile steering, balance in bunches, and a record of dependability, the Snapper rear engine rider is the real deal.

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Snapper Lawn Tractors

Snapper NTX Lawn Tractors currently sit on top of Consumer Reports' recommended lawn tractors list. Innovative features like the push button starting system, the digital dashboard, and the super-tight 14 inch turning radius makes the Snapper NXT Lawn Tractor a great value.

The Snapper NXT is a riding mower that's pushing innovation and just like any Snapper, it's comfortable, dependable, and reliable.