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Riding Lawn Mowers

Riding Lawn Mowers

Mowers at Jacks has riding lawn mowers from Husqvarna, Simplicity, and Snapper. Mow your lawn in the comfortable seat of a lawn tractor, garden tractor, or rear engine riding mower.

Riding mowers are also great for using pull behind equipment like spreaders, carts, and aerators. To understand the differences, check out our guide to choosing a riding lawn mower.

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Lawn Tractors

Mowers at Jacks has a variety of lawn tractors to choose from. These tractors have cutting decks that are up to 54 inches wide. You'll make less passes in less time.

We have lawn tractors from Husqvarna and Snapper. With the more powerful models, you can get attachments for plowing and towing to make your tractor even more useful and a greater value.

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Garden Tractors

With a Husqvarna or Simplicity garden tractor, you can do it all. These tractors can be outfitted to not only mow your lawn, but cultivate your garden, grade your gravel driveway, plow or blow snow, and much more.

With a garden tractor, you'll have the extra power and durability to handle demanding work all day, and then keep coming back for more day after day after day.

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Rear Engine Riding Mowers

Rear engine riding mowers are the smallest of the riding mowers, but are easy to maneuver due to great visibility and a low center of gravity.

Movie fans may recognize the Snapper rear engine riding mower being the lawn mower of choice of Forrest Gump. It's not movie magic, these mowers are enjoyable to ride and the perfect upgrade from a walk behind mower.