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String Trimmer

String Trimmers (Weed Wackers)
& Brush Cutters

Whether you call it a string trimmer or a weed wacker, Mowers at Jacks has them, as well as brush cutters. We even carry combination brush cutters / string trimmers.

Be prepared to groom where your mower can't reach with a string trimmer and clear the areas where thick stalked weeds shoot up with a brush cutter.

String Trimmer shafts - curved vs. straight

Trimmer Shaft Types

String trimmers come with either a curved shaft or a straight shaft. Curved shaft trimmers are typically reserved for residential use, while higher end trimmers usually have a straight shaft.

A trimmer with more power should have a straight shaft so the drive cable doesn't have to go around a curve. A less flexible straight shaft will also be able to handle the kickback that can occur if the trimmer head makes contact.

Brush Cutter

Brush Cutters

Brush cutters are built to handle more demanding trimming and cutting tasks, but are versatile. They have a grass blade that can cut through heavy grass and dense weeds, and a trimmer head that can be used for basic trimming duties.

Most brush cutters have a bike handle design giving more comfort and control. A harness for the brush cutter also lightens the load so you can trim and cut for as long as needed.

New and Reconditioned String Trimmers

New and Reconditioned String Trimmers

Mowers at Jacks has New and Reconditioned String Trimmers. Whether you're looking for the highest quality or trying to stay within a budget, we have the string trimmer that's right for you.

We have factory reconditioned string trimmers from Husqvarna and MTD. These trimmers are in good working condition with the ability to handle any cutting task that a new trimmer could.

Trimmer Attachment Capability

Attachment Capable

Trimmers with multi-attachment capabilities are your all-in-one yard grooming tools. Why buy separate machines when one can transform for a variety of uses?

The multi-attachment capability allows you to convert your trimmer into an edger, blower, cultivator, pole saw, brush cutter, or hedge trimmer. These accessories are sold separately.

Tap'N Go Trimmer Head

Tap'N Go Trimmer Head

Trimmers that are equipped with the Tap’N Go trimmer head, eliminate the frustration people have when manually feeding the line. The Tap'N Go trimmer head automatically feeds new line when the head is pushed into the ground.

As the user, you have total control over when to feed new line. This helps you get your trimming job done faster by reducing downtime during operation.