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Demand the Strength of a Monster's Chainsaw

Demand the Strength of a Monster's Chainsaw

Adrenaline begins to rush through your whole body.

You strangle the couch cushion in fear, as you peak through your fingers.

In rushes a gigantic horrifyingly deformed beast with a chainsaw for a hand.

Hide your butter-soaked popcorn, he's hungry!

Before you change the channel, something catches your eye. You're amazed with how easily the monster's chainsaw was cutting through the doors, floorboards, and walls. It must be his strength!

Do you want to wield your chainsaw with monstrous strength?

Before you start pumping iron, there's a quicker, easier way to increase your chainsaw's cutting power and strength.

Stop Being Dull!

Chainsaw chains have all the strength you need.

A dull chain, like any dull blade, doesn’t cut as finely or as easily. More effort is required to push or pull the chainsaw through your cut. A dull blade also produces more saw dust debris.

Consider this, the harder it is or the more energy you exert while operating your chainsaw, the more tired you will get. A tired operator makes an unsafe operator.

Having a chainsaw that runs, but doesn't cut efficiently is a waste of time and effort.

If it took a monster 10 minutes to saw through a door, that wouldn’t make for a good horror flick, would it?

Sharper is Better

Sharp Chainsaw Chain Keep your chainsaw's chain sharp so it takes less effort to cut

Solution, Use a sharp chain!

A sharp chain enables the chainsaw to cut under its own weight, even with only a small amount of force applied by the user.

Sharp chains produce chunks of debris rather than saw dust because the cutters tear out larger parts of the wood. And best of all, you won't become fatigued so quickly, allowing you to operate longer and safer.

When your chain begins to dull, have it sharpened by a trained professional or try your own skills with a chainsaw filing kit. A filing kit has all the necessary items to sharpen your chainsaw, including files, a filing guide, and a depth-gauge guide.

It's also good practice to have a replacement or backup chain handy when your other chain is being sharpened.

There you have it. It's the sharp chain that gives the chainsaw its monstrous strength.

Additional Chain-Related Maintenance

Even with a sharp chain, there are some other factors that you need to consider relating to chain maintenance.

Chain tension is also an important detail to pay attention to before you begin cutting. Chains can become stretched during operation, so check the tension of your chain before each use. The chain should have a little tension (approximately 1cm), but not enough where the drive links can come out of the bar groove. If the chain is too tight it will wear out the bar more quickly. If the chain is too loose, it could jump off the bar.

Watch our video on how to adjust a bar and chain on a chainsaw.

Chainsaw chains require oil to smoothly operate during rotation. The oil pump pumps oil into the grooves of the bar as the chain rotates around, reducing wear and friction between the chain and the bar. Make sure the oil tank is filled and oiler hole is not clogged.

The chainsaw bar is a vital part to chainsaw maintenance. If you use your chainsaw regularly, make sure to turn the bar often, for a more even wear. Checking the bar for excessive wear and bent rails is a good idea before operation, as well.

Release Your Chainsaw's Strength

Bring out the monstrous strength of your chainsaw to make cutting a whole lot easier. If you want to save time and energy, be sure to sharpen your chain.

Learn how to manually sharpen your chain with our 10 step sharpening guide.

You've got a sharp chain, what about the rest of the chainsaw? Dig deeper into more chainsaw maintenance.

Conclusion & Thoughts

Use caution when handling your chainsaw's chain. Wear protective gloves and glasses during sharpening.

Always remember to read your chainsaw's owner's manual for recommended maintenance procedures.

If you have any comments or feedback, please let us know. E-mail us at [email protected].

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