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Protect Your Lawn From Zombies

Protect Your Lawn From Zombies

The piercing sounds of screams blast your eardrums, awakening you from your dream of winning the Best Lawn Award.

You fly downstairs, and in the heat of the moment, you drop-kick the door and rush outside.

There, lining the sidewalk in front of the yard are your neighbors, quivering in fear as if they've seen a ghost. Horror in their eyes as they stare at your lawn.

What is so Horrifying?

It's happening! Your lawn is becoming a breading and feeding ground for Zombies.

No, not actual flesh-eating Zombies. We're talking about a Zombie Lawn where Zombie Grass is a damaging, disfiguring, discoloring, and life-threatening monster.

Think it's a joke? Your lawn looked spectacular two days ago after a fresh mow, but now it looks like the living dead; part-living and part dead.

It's terrorizing your lawn and your screaming neighbors. What will cure the affected?

What Does It Look Like?

If you dare take a closer look, the tips of the Zombie Grass blades have a rough and ragged edge that has turned a brownish color, which is not the desired vibrant green grass you dream about. When you see that the tips of your grass are browning, check for the jagged torn edges of the grass blade.

Why Does It Look so Hideous?

When grass is roughly shredded or torn instead of finely cut, this increases the grasses recovery time after mowing. This slows proper growth and leaves the grass exposed to further heat stress, disease, insect damage, and discoloration. It's like cutting off a Zombie's leg. You would slow him down, but he would keep on moving; just like the grass would slow its growth, but still be alive.

What Causes It?

What is causing the possible end to your award-winning lawn? The truth is, grass edges become ragged when they are cut with dull mower blades. The dull blades rip and tear the grass apart, rather than leaving a smooth even cut. Sounds like torture doesn’t it? Well, your grass is suffering.

Let's Slay Some Zombies.

Think of how you would kill a Zombie. They basically have to have their heads cut off. Using a dull ax, sword, or meat cleaver would require a couple whacks to completely sever its head off. No one likes seeing a Zombie with its jagged head dangling on the side. Now, if you strike its head with a sharp ax, sword, or meat cleaver, the darn head will practically jump off its body. Check out that nice clean cut you made! Let's do the same with your grass.

How Can You Cure the Affected?

So, you want to know how to prevent or cure the Zombie Grass Epidemic. It's brainless! Use a sharp mower blade. A sharp mower blade leaves a clean fine cut on the grass blades, helping the cut seal more quickly. The quicker the grass can heal, the quicker it can continue to properly live and grow. Guard your lawn with the sharpest blade you have.

Replace or Sharpen?

Purchasing a new set of mower blades or choosing to sharpen your current ones, depends on cost-effectiveness or personal preference. Many times, a new set of mower blades cost less than having them sharpened professionally.

If you decide to test out your DIY sharpening skills, make sure you consider all safety precautions. You wouldn't want to turn into that Zombie with its head cut off. Here's how to remove a lawn mower blade.

A good test to see if your blade is sharp is to run a piece of paper along the blade edge. If the blade cuts the paper evenly, you've done a great job.

Do You Have the Cure?

You are now equipped with the Zombie Grass cure. Your Lawn's life is in your hands. Recommended replacement and/or sharpening for lawn mower blades depend on usage and lawn size. If you choose to have your 1st set sharpened, make sure you always have 2nd set of mower blades to use.

Closely watch over your lawn ever so often and you will be able to determine if your mower blade is becoming dull.

Act Now!

So don't wait! You can be the hero by replacing or sharpening your mower blades before The Morning of the Zombie Lawn happens to you. Check out our huge selection of Lawn Mower Blades.

Conclusion & Your Thoughts

Good Luck and stay alert. Keep a sharp mind and a sharp blade. This article was written by . If you have any comments or feedback, please let us know. E-mail us at [email protected].