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Leaf Blower

Leaf Blowers

Your days of raking up leaves or using a broom to clean your driveway and walkways are over when you have a leaf blower. Generating air speeds close to 200 mph, a leaf blower can clear leaves, grass clippings, and even trash.

We have hand held blowers, backpack blowers, and walk behind blowers from Billy Goat, Husqvarna, Little Wonder, and RedMax.

Hand Held Leaf Blowers

Hand Held Blowers

Hand held leaf blowers work very well for residential use and for smaller jobs. Their lower initial cost is attractive and when you just need to grab your equipment and blow away a mess, a hand held blower is perfect.

We carry both Husqvarna and McCulloch hand held blowers. Of course, for longer leaf and debris clearing jobs you will want to upgrade to a backpack blower to cut down on fatigue.

Backpack Leaf Blowers

Backpack Blowers

Backpack leaf blowers take away the strain of holding and directing a nearly 200 mph wind cannon with one hand. While a leaf blower might be lightweight at 15-20 pounds, it gets heavy quickly. Strap it on, and just worry about directing the nozzle.

Backpack leaf blowers are typically more powerful than a hand held blower and usually built for longer periods of use. This is the blower type of choice for lawn care professionals.

Vacuum Capable Leaf Blower

Vacuum Capable Leaf Blowers

Some leaf blowers are also vacuum capable. The blower portion directs into a collection bag, while the intake is opened and a vacuum nozzle is attached.

A vacuum capable blower is a versatile piece of equipment and many are designed to mulch the collected debris so it compacts into less space when collected.

Walk Behind Leaf Blower

Walk Behind Blowers

Walk behind blowers are perfect for the professional who has a large area to clear and wants it done fast. Perfect for cleaning walkways, field turf, and even for blowing away standing water.

When you expect more from a leaf blower and need results now, a walk behind blower is the right choice. Walk behind blowers can be used on lawns, pavement, and just about any terrain that needs debris cleared.