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Husqvarna Battery Series - One Battery Fits All!

Husqvarna Battery Series

Tired of dealing with the hassle of gas? Husqvarna's new Battery Series eliminates the need for gas, but offers equal-to-gasoline performance!

Husqvarna has three different types of equipment in their Battery Series, including chainsaws, string trimmers, and a hedge trimmer.

The Battery Series Highlights

All of Husqvarna's Battery Series equipment includes features and technology that make them operator friendly and easy-to-use:

Intuitive Keypad: Operate all of Husqvarna’s battery equipment with an easy-to-use keypad that offers a start, stop, and savE™ button.

SavE™ Mode: Conserve energy and get maximum run time with the savE™ power mode.

Ergonomic Design: Cordless machines are lightweight and balanced for comfortable operation.

Quieter Operation: Working in public settings or around your neighbors is easer, due to the low noise of a battery-operated engine.

36V Li-ion Battery: This one 36V brushless motor battery fits all Battery Series equipment, providing high consistent torque for those tougher jobs.

0% Emissions: No emissions are omitted into the air.

Along with these similar features, each piece of equipment in Husqvarna’s battery line is equipped with unique features that provides optimal performance with every use.

Battery Cutting Power - 536Li XP, T536Li XP

Husqvarna Cordless Chainsaw

Husqvarna has a global reputation of high quality, powerful chainsaws. Their new battery-powered chainsaws are no exception. Equipped with high chain speed, lightweight design, and rope and harness eyelets, these chainsaws offer a combination of efficiency and high performance.

These battery-operated chainsaws are perfect for an arborist or homeowner that needs an affordable, easy to-operate chainsaw.

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Battery Trimming Power - 136LiC, 536LiL

Husqvarna Cordless Trimmer

Put effortless finishing touches on your lawn with the new Battery Trimmers, designed for maximum comfort and optimal performance. Lightweight and well-balanced designs make these trimmers feel like an extension to your arms without the fumes, vibration and noise accompanied with gasoline operated equipment. A two-way rotation head (only on the 546 LiL) rotates to the left and to the right to avoid missing grass. Direct emissions are also eliminated with the cordless trimmers for a more efficient operation.

These battery-operated trimmers are perfect for homeowners or commercial users that are looking for an ergonomic, hassle-free way to trim the turf.

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Battery Landscape Design - 536LiHD60X Hedge Trimmer

Husqvarna Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Trim your bushes and shape your landscape without the hassle of gas with Husqvarna's new battery hedge trimmer.

Husqvarna's battery-operated hedge trimmer is designed for easy operation, less strain, and reduced emissions.

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Li-ion Battery Packs and Backpacks

Husqvarna Cordless

Get the same performance length as gasoline powered equipment with these Husqvarna Batteries. Husqvarna offers two battery packs that are interchangeable with all of the equipment in the battery series line. These battery packs can be recharged at any time with no memory effect, so you can even recharge a partially used battery. A push button indicator allows you to simply bush a button for an instant reading of the current charge state.

Husqvarna's new standard battery charger works with all of the Husqvarna Batteries. Down time is lessened with active battery cooling and a quick charge time. This charger is powered by intelligent charging power management that monitors each individual battery cell for an innovative charging process.

Along with the battery packs, Husqvarna offers two Battery Backpacks for bigger chores with longer run times. These lightweight backpacks can give you up to 6 or 10 hours of run time with a single charge.

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Ready To Go Cordless?

Husqvarna's brand new line of Battery-Powered equipment offers the newest innovative technology to get your job done while avoiding the hassles of gasoline. Plus, the upfront cost you pay for battery powered equipment will make up for the extra money you spend on gas and repairs over the life of gas-powered equipment.

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