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How to Choose The Right Water Pump

How to Choose the Right Water Pump

Is your construction site, basement or pond overflowing with water after a big rain storm? You may need to invest in a water pump! Fortunately, Honda has a wide array of water pumps for all different situations! Before you pick one, you will need to find out which one will best meet your water-pumping needs!

Lightweight De-Watering Pumps

Lightweight Pump Lightweight Pump

These pumps are usually one of the smaller kinds of water pumps. They are very easy to transport and move around. They are ideal for small jobs.

Popular Features:

  • Compact and Lightweight: These water pumpes are lightweight and easy to move to where you need them!
  • Easy Transport Handle: The handle makes it easy to pick up and transport.
  • Good for Small Jobs: Depending on the model, these pumps will move 30-75 GPM.
  • Applications: Clear water, slimy water, muddy water, silt water, fast seepage.

View a Honda Lightweight Pump

General Purpose De-Watering Pump

General Purpose Pump General Purpose Pump

These pumps have heavy duty frames and anti vibration mounts so that they wont dig themselves into the ground as they run. They are good for a wide variety of jobs.

Popular Features:

  • Heavy Duty Frame: Durable frame built to withstand tough environments or weather conditions.
  • Vibration Isolation Mounts:Helps prevent the pump from digging itself into the ground.
  • Good for Slightly Larger Jobs: Depending on the model, they can move any where between 150-300 GPM.
  • Can Handle Solids: Some models may vary, but they allow at least 5/16" solids to pass through.
  • Applications:Clear water, slimy water, mucky water, silt water, fast seepage, solids, and can be used with manholes and cofferdams.

View Honda General Purpose Dewatering Pumps

High Pressure De-Watering Pump

High Pressure Water Pump High Pressure Water Pump

High pressure water pumps are easy to transport and pack a little more power than the light-weight pumps.

Popular Features:

  • Easy Transport Handle: Easy to move to wherever you may need the pump.
  • Good for medium sized jobs: Depending on the model, a high pressure pump will put out roughtly 115-135 GPM.
  • Apllications: Sprinklers, Nozzles, Clear water, Slimy Water, Mucky Water, Silt Water, Fast Seepage.

View Honda High Pressure Dewatering Pumps

Multi-Purpose Water Pumps:

Multi-Purpose Water Pump Multi-Purpose Water Pump

Multi-Purpose pumps do what other pumps can't. They handle water, as well as chemicals! Just as the name suggests, they are ideal for a wide range of jobs!

Popular Features:

  • Anti-Vibration Mounts: Ensures that the pump will not dig itself into the ground while it runs.
  • Good for Medium Sized Jobs:' Depeding on the model, multi-purpose pumps have a capacity of roughly 220 GPM.
  • Applications: Clear water, Slimy water, Mucky Water, Silt Water, Fast Seepage, Man Holes, Basement Drainage, Industrial and Agricultural chemicals such as aluminum sulfate, magnesium chloride, and sodium chloride.

View the Honda WMP20X1 Multi-Purpose Pump

Submersible Pumps:

Submersible Pump Submersible Pump

Submersible pumps are electric pumps that are good for a multitude of jobs. They are able to operate even when they are completely or partially submerged.

Popular Features:

  • Good for a variety of jobs: 120 Volt AC powered, has a capacity of up to 150 GPM (varies by model).
  • Applications: Empties swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and other water storage structures, basements, window wells and garden irrigation. Good for pumping slurry or semi-dirty water, handling of residential, commercial and industrial seepage and the fast removal of waste water from trays, washing machines, wet bars, water softeners, dehumidifiers and cisterns.

View Honda Submersible Pumps

Trash Pumps:

Trash Pump Trash Pump

Trash pumps are heavy duty and good for messes when there are solids involved.They are ideal for construction sites and other big jobs.

Popular Features:

  • Good for big jobs: Depending on the model, they can move up to 433 gallons per minute.
  • Ideal for Handling Solids: Depending on the model these pumps can handle up to 1/16" in diamter, and if the pump happens ot be a diaphragm pump, it can pump water with greater than 25% solids by volume.
  • Applications: slow seepage situations, mud, trash, mucky water, ponds, construction sites, water with a large quanitiy of debris.

View Honda Trash Pumps

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