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How to Choose the Best Riding Lawn Mower

Now that you have narrowed your focus to riding mowers, let's take a look at the different types to understand which one is best for you. There are different advantages for each, so read below and ask yourself, "Is this the right type of riding mower for me?"

Rear Engine Riding Mowers

Rear Engine Riding Mowers

The rear engine riding mower is the smallest of the riding mowers group, and the type of mower you may remember Forrest Gump using to cut the grass. A rear engine rider will let you mow in comfort and get the job done quicker than a walk behind mower. They have cutting widths that range (in inches) from the upper 20's to the lower 30's.

These mowers are for someone who just wants a mower to cut grass, and doesn't need to tow around attachments. Rear engine riding mowers are less expensive than a tractor and if you just need to get off your feet while mowing, they are the perfect type of riding mower to choose.

Rear engine riders will go up to 5 mph, and are very easy to maneuver because of the great visibility you have when operating one. With a lower center of gravity than a tractor, a rear engine riding mower has more stability on hills, but be careful. Riding mowers can topple if they get on too much of a slope.

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Lawn Tractors

Lawn Tractors

Lawn tractors are smaller than garden tractors, but they offer many of the advantages of the garden tractor without the extra cost. Lawn tractors have cutting widths (in inches) that start in the 40's and go up to the 50's. They are also able to tow attachments like carts and spreaders, and be outfitted with snow plows or snow blowers.

Lawn tractors sit a little bit lower to the ground than garden tractors, giving them a lower center of gravity and more stability on inclines. While mowing with a rear engine rider may feel similar to a go-kart, a lawn tractor will make you feel more like you're driving a small truck.

If you have a large amount of land, you will want a lawn tractor with a larger cutting width, so you can speed up your mowing time. A few extra inches on one pass of the mower can quickly add up to feet, and plenty of them, as your acreage increases.

Lawn tractors also use a two blade cutting system and some have heavy duty cutting decks. In fact, some manufacturers are building lawn tractors that take some of the heavy duty features of the garden tractor, but offering them at a lower price. If you want a tractor that can handle extra tasks, but don't expect to do them daily, a lawn tractor is your best bet.

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Garden Tractors

Garden Tractors

Garden tractors are the big boys of riding lawn mower family. They can handle heavy duty tasks and have the durability to hold up over the long haul. You can mow your lawn quickly with large cutting widths over 50 inches. Garden tractors have larger, more powerful engines that handle the workload of regularly pulling heavy attachments.

Garden tractors have larger wheels, wider decks, and more powerful and durable engines than lawn tractors. If you're doing serious work on your lawn and garden, these are the machines you need. They will hold up over the long haul and are built to take the abuse of a heavier workload.

While garden tractors are more expensive, they can save you money in the long run, since you won't have to replace parts as frequently. If you plan to use your tractor often for pulling out shrubs, towing heavily loaded carts, moving earth with a dozer blade, or cultivating the earth, get a garden tractor.

All of the parts on a garden tractor are heavy duty and built to last. They also feature a three blade cutting system to cut grass consistently across the width of the mower. Size, strength, and quality are three things that sum up a garden tractor.

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