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Don't Let Your Chainsaw Ruin Your Love Life

Don't Let Your Chainsaw Ruin Your Love Life

What do a fireplace, bearskin rug, bottle of wine, and a chainsaw have in common?


Imagine this...

You decide to take your new girlfriend to your winter cabin, hoping to cement the future of the relationship. Being the romantic, charming hunk you are, a night in front of a fire, sipping on some wine is a perfect way to win her over.

Everything is in check, the wine, the comfy seating, the fireplace, the firewoo.... whoops!

You forgot to cut firewood!

In a panic, you race out to the shed to grab the second love of your life, your chainsaw.

You almost dislocate your shoulder pulling on the starter cord for two minutes, but it just won't start. One more arm popping yank, and the cord rips apart. Great, now you have to restring a starter cord.

Since it still has trouble starting, you quickly clean the air filter and spark plug. Finally, it's up and running. However, you notice the chain is very dull, but you can't waste any more time.

By the time you're finished cutting, you are completely exhausted. Is this how you wanted to spend your night?

Why Did She Wear Me Out?

Your chainsaw is just like any other working machine, even a human body. It needs regular maintenance to ensure proper and reliable performance. If not maintained, certain problems will occur.

In this case, the starter cord was frayed, which caused it to rip. If you didn't know how to fix a starter cord, you'd be out of luck.

The chainsaw had trouble starting, due to a clogged air filter or dirty spark plug. Dust and oil can clog an air filter, and combustion residue can prevent the spark plug from working.

The factor that contributed most to your fatigue was using a dull chain. A chainsaw should be able to cut under the pressure of its own weight. Using a dull chain requires the operator to use more force to cut through the wood. Increased fatigue equals increased danger, as well.

A Hot End to a Cold Night

A warm fire, perfect to get a romantic night started Finally, the romantic fire you wanted, until...

Walking your tired body back into the cabin, you throw the firewood into the fireplace and light it up. Finally, some time to relax. Now the romantic night can begin.

You stand in front of the fire thawing your hands and feet, waiting for your girlfriend to change into something more comfortable. The warmth of the fire quickly relaxes every sensation in your body. Your eyes close and your legs give out. Thud!

You're on the floor, out cold. The sandman got the best of you. Even as your girlfriend attempts to put the flames out in your hair, you still won't wake up.

Quick and Easy Chainsaw Maintenance Tips

Whether you're an amateur or a professional, give your chainsaw the love and attention it deserves, too.

The engine is the heart and soul of your chainsaw. Components like the air filter, fuel filter, fuel lines, carburetor, are all essential to keep your engine running healthy. Clean the air filter from dust and oil debris. This will allow proper air flow to the carburetor, which also should be checked on a regular basis. The fuel filter and fuel lines, also need inspection to ensure there is no clogging or leaking.

Most importantly, remember to use the proper fuel mixture recommended for your chainsaw.

The starting system is the first act in your chainsaw show. If it fails, you can't go on. Check your recoil cord for fraying, so you don't accidently break it. Don't forget about the spark plug either. Spark plugs wear out or become covered with combustion residue, which would prevent startup.

The chain and bar are the muscles of your chainsaw. One key maintenance tip to extending chain and bar life, is to always keep the oiler hole clean to enable proper oiling of the chain and bar during operation. Your chain will start smoking if the oiler hole is clogged or you forgot to add oil to the oil pump.

Chain tension is critical during any sawing job. Check the chain tension before each use to make sure it’s properly tensioned to the bar. If you're using the bar on a daily basis, the bar should be turned to prevent uneven wear.

Why Stay Sharp?

Like a knife, a sharpened chain will cut easier and more smoothly. Dull chains require the operator to use more force when cutting. The more you have to struggle to use the chainsaw, the more tired you will get, which increases your chances of injury.

Remember to refer to your chainsaw owner's manual for additional maintenance information.

Where's the Love?

Can you believe it? Mixing chainsaws and love! Keep the fire going in your love life by maintaining your chainsaw, and never go cold again.

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