Husqvarna 324LDX 25cc 4-Cycle Straight Shaft Detachable String Trimmer

Model: 324LDX  |  Item Number: 966505001
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CARB Compliant Power Equipment


Features for the Husqvarna 324LDX

The Husqvarna 324LDX is a multi-tasking trimmer that can, not only feed your need to weed, but act as several other tools, as well. Several attachments are available, including trimmer, cultivator, pole saw, hedge trimmer, power sweep and edger. The trimmer attachment for the 324LDX is blade capable. This trimmer is equipped with Husqvarna's 4-stroke engine for more torque and less emissions. Plus, there's no need to mix gas and oil. It runs on pure gasoline!

  • Detachable Shaft and Click on Attachments: Click on attachments for easy tool change. Tool-less coupler separates shaft for easy transport and storage.
  • 4 Stroke Engine: No need for mixing gas with oil when refueling because the 324LDX's 4-stroke engine runs on pure gasoline.
  • Grass Bevel Gear: Bevel gear designed with high torque and the cutting equipment parallel to the ground for best cutting performance.
  • Adjustable Handle Bar: Adjustable and ergonomically designed soft grip handlebar for best comfort.
  • Tap 'n Go Trimmer Head: Twin line cutting system with Tap 'n Go for quick line feed.
  • Smart Start: The engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort.
  • Air Purge: Removes air from carburetor and fuel system for easy starting.

Technical Specs for the Husqvarna 324LDX*

Tube Length 58.39 inches
Tube Diameter 0.94 inches
Weight (lbs.) 11.9 lbs
OEM Trimmer Head T35 M10
Engine Specification
Engine Type 4-Cycle
Lubricant Type (bevel gear) Biodegradable Grease
Air Purge Yes
Electrode Gap 0.02 inches
Fly Wheel Diameter 3.74 inches
RPM Limiter No
Idling Speed 3100 rpm
Spark Plug NGK CMR5H
Ignition System Ikeda
Fuel Consumption 510 g/kWh
Fuel Capacity 16.91 fl oz
Carburetor Walbro
Maximum Recommended Engine Speed 11000 rpm
Maximum Power Speed 7000 rpm
Cylinder Bore 1.4 inches
Cylinder Stroke 1 inch
Power 1.1 hp
Displacement(cc) 25cc
Emission, Vibration and Noise
Sound Pressure Level at Operator's Ear 97 dB(A)
Sound Power Level, Gauranteed (LWA) 107 dB(A)
Exhaust Emissions (CO average) 399 g/kWh
Vibration Level (ahv, eq) front / rear handle 4.1 / 4.1 m/s2
Gear Ratio 1:1.46
Drive Gear Angle 30 degrees

* These Technical Specs are provided by the manufacturer at the beginning of the model year. Please be aware that the manufacturer may decide to change these specs at any given time without notice.

Reviews for the 324LDX

Reviewed on   -   Purchased on 6/1/2014
Love this trimmer! Starts and runs great. Purchased for non-commercial use, and probably overkill for the application, but I believe in spending a bit more up front for quality.
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Husqvarna EA850 DX Edger Attachment
DX Edger Attachment Part Number: 537196901

Description: This edger attachment fits the Husqvarna 324LDX Trimmer. Quickly installs to give the option of edging around your lawn.

Reg Price: $115.95
You Save: 5%
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Husqvarna HA110 Hedge Trimmer Attachment
HA110 Hedge Trimmer Attachment Part Number: 537196605

Description: This hedge trimmer attachment with 4.3 inch tube fits the Husqvarna 324LDX Trimmer.

Reg Price: $275.99
You Save: 5%
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Husqvarna HA850 Hedge Trimmer Attachment
HA850 Hedge Trimmer Attachment Part Number: 537196606

Description: This hedge trimmer attachment with 33 inch tube fits the Husqvarna 324LDX Trimmer.

Reg Price: $285.95
You Save: 5%
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Husqvarna CA150 DX Cultivator Attachment
CA150 DX Tiller Attachment Part Number: 537425401

Description: This cultivator attachment fits the Husqvarna 324LDX Trimmer. Features a 6 inch tilling depth for smaller gardens and flower beds.

Reg Price: $199.95
You Save: 5%
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Husqvarna PA1100 DX Pole Saw Attachment
PA1100 DX Pole Saw Attachment Part Number: 537183317

Description: This pole saw attachment fits the Husqvarna 324LDX Trimmer. Equipped with a 43.3 inch tube for an extended reach to cut those high branches.

Reg Price: $209.95
You Save: 5%
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Husqvarna Shoulder Strap
Shoulder Strap With Warning Sign Part Number: 537216202

Description: This Husqvarna shoulder strap is designed to reduce operator fatigue. Fits all Husqvarna Trimmers and comes with a warning sign.

Reg Price: $7.95
You Save: 5%
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Husqvarna Steel Brushcutter Blade
Steel Brushcutter Blade Part Number: 578444001

Description: Replacement blade for the Husqvarna 324LDx Trimmer.

Reg Price: $18.95
You Save: 5%
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Husqvarna Pole Saw Head
Pole Saw Head Part Number: 537183311

Description: This pole saw head attachment fits the Husqvarna 128DJx Trimmer. Equipped with a 12 inch bar & chain.

Reg Price: $189.95
You Save: 5%
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Husqvarna SR600-2 Sweeper Attachment
SR600-2 Sweeper Attachment Part Number: 967294401

Description: Detach your trimmer shaft and attach this sweeper, good for clearing sand and gravel from lawns and driveways.

Reg Price: $299.95
You Save: 5%
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Husqvarna EX780 Trimmer Extension
EX780 Trimmer Extension Part Number: 967297101

Description: Extend your trimmer 30 inches with this extension shaft.

Reg Price: $69.95
You Save: 5%
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Husqvarna DT600 Dethatcher Attachment
DT600 Dethatcher Attachment Part Number: 967296901

Description: Detatch your trimmer shaft and hook up this dethatcher attachment to pull those dry clumps of grass off your lawn.

Reg Price: $299.95
You Save: 5%
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Husqvarna BR600 Bristle Brush Attachment
BR600 Bristle Brush Attachment Part Number: 967296701

Description: Change out the trimmer detachable shaft to clean debris off your yard and walkways with this BR600 Brush Attachment.

Reg Price: $279.95
You Save: 5%
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