Honda HHT35SUKA 35.8cc Straight Shaft Brush Cutter / String Trimmer

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CARB Compliant Power Equipment

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Features for the Honda HHT35SUKA

The Honda HHT35SUKA is a straight shaft combination brush cutter and string trimmer. This versatile machine is powered by a Honda 35cc mini 4 stroke engine. Bike handles and a double harness make it easy to work all day and transition between regular trimming tasks and cutting brush, heavy weeds, and even small trees. This model includes both a trimmer head and a 10 inch saw blade.

  • Versatile Trimmer / Cutter: The HHT35SUKA is perfect for the landscaper who needs to be able to jump between regular trimming and clearing heavier weeds, brush, and small trees.
  • Honda GX35 4-Stroke Engine:This quick starting engine is a low maintenance engine that doesn't require a mixture of oil and gas. The 4 Stroke engine also produces less emissions, less smoke, and less smell. The design of this engine makes it far more fuel efficient than a 2-stroke engine.
  • Strong, Flexible Shaft: The shaft of this combo trimmer / cutter is designed to handle the heaviest shock without increasing vibration for the operator. The ability to flex gives it a longer operating life than a solid shaft. Honda also backs it with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Equipment Standard: Included with the HHT35SUKA are a trimmer head, 10 inch brush blade, double harness, and safety goggles.
  • Residential and Commercial Warranties: The Honda HHT35SUKA has a 2 year residential warranty and a 1 year commercial warranty through Honda.

Technical Specs for the Honda HHT35SUKA*

Engine Brand Honda GX35
Displacement(cc) 35.8cc
Engine 4-Cycle
Residential Warranty 2 years
Commercial Warranty 1 year
Tube Diameter 1.0 inch
Length (in.) 75.0 inches
Width (in.) 23.6 inches
Height (in.) 15.9 inches
OEM Harness Double Harness
Safety Goggles Yes
OEM Brush Blade 10 inch Brush Blade
Blade Barrier Kit Yes
Handle Bike Type
OEM Trimmer Head Manual Feed Nylon
Drive Shaft Flexible Steel Cable
Engine Specification
Maximum Power Speed 10000 rpm
Idling Speed 3100 rpm (+-200 rpm)
Carburetor Diaphragm Type w/ Fuel Pump
Fuel Capacity 22 fl oz
Throttle Control Two Motion Trigger
Gear Ratio 1.235

* These Technical Specs are provided by the manufacturer at the beginning of the model year. Please be aware that the manufacturer may decide to change these specs at any given time without notice.

Reviews for the HHT35SUKA

Reviewed on   -   Purchased on 3/8/2013
No Comments
Reviewed on   -   Purchased on 4/8/2013
Thanks for the detailed info on shipping.  I was able to adjust delivery to when we could be available to sign.

Product works great.  Packaged well.  Great price.

Reviewed on   -   Purchased on 5/1/2013

I was looking for a gas trimmer (easier to re-fuel than a 2-cycle engine) and also looking for one that would handle small trees and very large vines --i'm trying to "reclaim" an abandoned pasture that is over-grown with invasive plants including 6-inch diameter bittersweet,  wild grape vines, and Japanese bush honeysuckle.   This one is just what i was looking for.  it is a big powerful machine (relatively speaking) but well balanced and easy for me to use.  I am 57 and not in the best shape anymore but i can use this trimmer for an hour at a time without getting too tired and it doesn't make my hands numb like some other machines do.  

The only problem i have had with it  is getting chopped plant material between the blade and the "guard",  and that may be because of my technique more than a flaw in the design.  it is only a problem because i have to stop the engine to safely remove the blockage,  but even with that occasional halt,  it's still the most effective way of dealing with the tangled plant growth i'm facing. 


Reviewed on   -   Purchased on 7/5/2013
After my professional grade Husqvarna 2 cycle weedwacker died (the cost for parts and labor to repair the motor was nearly as much as buying another one), I decided to try a 4 cycle weed trimmer.  I first purchased a Husqvarna 224L from my local Lowes store, and all the oil leaked out after the first use when stored engine up (same problem with engine down and horizontal).   I returned it to Lowes and spent several hours researching other four cycle trimmers.  Based on the large number of positive reviews I selected the Honda HHT35SUKA 35.8cc straight shaft string trimmer and ordered it from Jacks, which had a competitive price, pleasant salespeople, and a reasonable delivery time (5 workdays).  Jack's return policy sheet accompanying the shipment seem overly restrictive, however--for example, if a machine does not work they will not accept it back unless it is still "new in the box".

The pros: The instructions are good and the trimmer was easy to set up.  The oil and gas ports are accessible and easy to use. The motor started up on the first pull, and does so every time I use it.  It is powerful, relatively quiet, and well-balanced.  Except for metal fencing, the string trimmer can cut down everything under about 1.5" diameter that I have encountered--I maintain 8 acres of pasture, coyote brush, poison oak and thick aggressive weeds (no, not that kind) in northern CA.

The cons: (1) As many reviewers have agreed, Honda's "manual head" is very poorly designed and is better at generating frustration than allowing continuous weed cutting.  You have to turn the motor off, place the trimmer on the ground, walk around to the head, lift it off the ground and manually rotate the bottom of the head to extract the string. Over half the time the string binds inside the head and actually retracts back into the head!  Reviews for Honda's bump feed head were also generally negative, so after more research I replaced the manual head with a Husqvarna T35X bump feed head (an excellent choice, easy to install and it works great with 0.105" string) for $26 at Lowes and on-line.  (2) The trimmer is heavy.  The two-shoulder harness supplied is satisfactory except the metal clasp and "quick release" mechanism are difficult to use. Husqvarna and Stihl both make better and more comfortable harnesses.

Overall, a good choice: no gas-oil mixing; quiet and powerful; well-balanced.  The "cons" listed above are annoying, and if Honda addressed them properly this machine would rate a "5".
Reviewed on   -   Purchased on 5/8/2014
This cutter is great for heavy duty yard work. I love it and the service was excellent too!
Reviewed on   -   Purchased on 6/3/2014
I like the 4 cycle engine it has lots of power and starts easy.
Plus no oil and gas mixtures to keep up with.
Reviewed on   -   Purchased on 6/9/2014
Superb machine, perfect tool for the following job - knocking down brush of all sizes, the heavier the better. 4 cycle quiet at idle, plenty of power when needed. I replaced the head supplied with a Husqvarna 537388101 Universal T35 Tap Advance Straight Shaft String Trimmer Head for optimal efficiency. Way overkill for the usual trimming around trees after mowing in the yard. Best suited to heavy duty jobs - around the farm, hedgerows, sides of hills and ditches. Very pleased with CARB compliance. Use fresh gasoline in airtight dispenser. 
Reviewed on   -   Purchased on 7/19/2014
Owne 5 of this model what more can I say
Reviewed on   -   Purchased on 9/5/2014
This weed eater is a power house.  It is way better than the two-strokes I have had in the past.  It is quiet - sounds like a small street bike; and it is fuel efficient, reliable and very easy to start.  I have a 250 foot driveway on 3 acres in addition to the normal house, walk, trees etc. that needs trimming and this gets the job done wonderfully.  I was always exhausted with my previous trimmer but this bicycle-type handle trimmer is fantastic.  It doesn't do edging as well because the trimmer head doesn't rotate but it still works fine.  You will need to buy some upgrades though.  The trimmer head it comes with is a waste.  I immediately bought a Husqvarna T35X with M10 hole to replace the stock trimmer head for $36 on EBay.  This head is incredible!  The 10" brush blade that comes with it wore out after a few minutes of cutting.  Because it is a 10" blade but with a 1" arbor, getting a replacement is difficult.  They don't have them at the local Home Depot or Lowes.  I found 10" Carbide-tipped Brush Cutter Blades (2pk) with a 1" arbor from Pool Supply Town for $30.  These are some sweet blades!!  They make the stock blade look like a joke.  Get these two upgrades and you will be more than happy with this weed eater.
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